We invite news articles, essays, and in-depth reports that affect or explain the operations of the law and courts.

We invite fictional stories that teach honesty, truth, kindness, and the value of obeying law and working together for Justice.

We invite poetry that paints pictures of how law impacts lives.

We invite personal interest stories and interviews of individuals whose lives have been touched by both justice and in-justice.


We seek animators to produce motion graphics to teach principles of law and justice.

We seek graphic artists to depict scenes illustrating how law impacts our lives.

We seek cartoonists to make people smile about law, justice, or the simple things that are possible because we live in America where courts and judges can be forced to pay attention to our woes and order bad people to compensate us for our injuries.


We welcome original songs, ballads, ditties, jingles, or whatever you have that carries the theme of Justice and its place in every aspect of our lives.

Send us something fun, fascinating, or forceful.

Tell us the age-old story of right, wrong, and the courage to choose.

Remind us what American really is ... her land, her people, her hope.

Do it with music!

Wordless instrumentals are also invited, music to touch our hearts with compassion, desire to promote Justice Education, and to have faith in our children's future as American Justice Foundation® leads the way.

Let your music set an anchor of hope in the principles and practices of Justice that promise Prosperity and Peace for this and future generations.

I.T. Staff

We seek I.T. professionals to take over management and expansion of this and all our websites.

We need secure software routines to manage our databases, send emails, and provide visitors easy and intuitive access to that materials of our mission.


Managers needed to keep everything running smoothly.

People with "people skills".

People who can encourage staff members to work productively while remaining steadfastly focused on the Foundation's primary goal.

People who understand demands of business and how to meet them effectively, efficiently, and economically.

Secretarial Staff

We seek sociable secretarial staff to answer phones, reply to emails, keep records, and respond to questions from the public, media, and everyone seeking to learn what American Justice Foundation® is about and why our mission is critically important.


We need a few "good lawyers" ( oxymoron? ) to:

  • keep the Foundation on a legal footing going forward
  • deal with requirements of governmental agencies
  • draft agreements for staff, vendors, and consumers
  • produce content for publication

Bar license not required.

We Need YOU!

Only YOU can prevent tyranny!

Empower our youth and adult population with deeperr understanding of The Rule of Law and the principles and practices of due process that control our American courts.

Help us teach these things to absolutely everyone.

For the first time in human history it is finally possible for people like you to have access to laws once hidden in law libraries and lawyers' offices, laws bound in hundreds expensive volumes of giant, expensive books.

You now have the internet, access to everything, and American Justice Foundation® giving you ...

Law Power to Enforce your Rights.

Law Power to Protect your Loved Ones from Tyranny.

Law Power to Make the World Safe for Your Children.

Your Law Power is yours! It does not belong to the Bar or lawyers or judges.

American Justice Foundation® is teaching you and your children what your Law Power is, how to exercise it in the courts to get Justice for yourself and those you love, and how to keep unscrupulous persons from using it crookedly against you.

American Justice Foundation® is promising the long-awaited age when Peace, Justice, and Liberty belong to absolutely ALL of you.

To help us promote Justice Education for EVERYONE, email us at lawbook@jurisdictionary.com or phone Toll Free: 866-LAW-EASY (866-529-3279)

The time has come for EVERYONE to know How to Win in Court!

Thank you!!

Justice for You and Your Children!

Promote Public Justice Education

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