American Justice Foundation®

American Justice Foundation® is a non-profit trust created to promote peace and prosperity through greater understanding of American Justice, The Rule of Law, and the principles and practices of due process that control our American courts.

 Our Declaration of Independence stands for the premise that human rights are not granted by government but are endowed by our creator God (by whatever name religions may use to describe the All in which we live and move and have our being). Our God-given rights cannot be sold nor taken from from us. Too often, however, they are denied to people who cannot afford to hire a lawyer to protect them, people who have no idea how to stand in court alone.

More than 4 out of 5 Americans cannot afford a lawyer to represent them in their struggles. Many who can hire lawyers suffer great loss when the lawyers they employ fail to perform effectively. The consequence is in-justice.

Public legal ignorance erodes our confidence in government generally and promotes an increasingly disruptive dialog punctuated by partisan invective and in some places violence that only Public Legal Education can cure.

American Justice Foundation® exists to promote Public Legal Education for every American by every honorable means possible.

We are committed to this mission.

It is overdue.

We offer all people, young and old, rich or poor, an opportunity to known what America is really all about ... a system of Law and Order easy to understand and use whenever in-justice needs peaceful correction.

Our many publications (print, media, and online) bring this essential understanding of Justice into homes and businesses where adults are using legal knowledge to preserve peace and secure prosperity that they would otherwise be un-justly denied.

Our cyber-based instructional materials for public, private, and home-schools are inculcating in children of all ages the wisdom of American Justice, its fundamental rules, and practical methods by which disputes and disagreements can be settled both in and out of court.

By empowering every American with practical knowledge of the principles of American Justice, how courts work, and how to force judges and lawyers to obey the rules, we usher in that longed-for age when for the first time in history there will be "Liberty and Justice for ALL" and not just for the well-to-do who can afford to hire lawyers.

Together we will restore our nation by empowering her people with practical, sound, and effective knowledge everyone can use to overcome dishonesty and deceit in every dark corner, sharing and acting on our precious American Heritage that calls us once again to lift this Lamp of Hope for future generations and for all the world.

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