"The Power of the People is in the Courts." ... William Blackstone - 1777

This Power has been hidden for thousands of years. ... Luke 11:52

Your #1 Right is to know how to use this Power.

You cannot have Prosperity without Peace.

You cannot have Peace without Law & Order.

You cannot have Law & Order without Justice.

You cannot have Justice without Rules that are Fair.

Justice without Fair Rules is TYRANNY!

The Rules of Justice have been hidden from you.

Never in the history of the world has there been a greater need for Public Justice Education.

The crushing tide of mis-information crowds out the precious vision of those who gave their lives to secure for us a system of Law & Order to protect and provide for the needs of every human being - regardless of creed, color, or ability to hire a lawyer!

The People in every nation are being led away from the Proven Principles of Justice, because the Rules are not taught except by this Foundation.

It is time to act NOW ... positively, persuasively, and with POWER!

American Justice Foundation® provides you and your children with legal knowledge that is omitted from schools, omitted from churches, omitted from the media ... knowledge you need to prevail when mayhem strikes.

You dare no longer allow yourselves and your children to be mesmerized by the media solely motivated by profits, not principles.

Justice Education is your #1 Right!

American Justice Foundation® fills this shameful "education gap" that destroys innocent people every passing day. Good people are trapped by their own legal ignorance, robbed of liberty and property by an unscrupulous legal profession that has too long hidden the Rules of Justice that American Justice Foundation® has been teaching the Public for 27 years and will continue to teach with your help.

American Justice Foundation® teaches you and your children how to use the Power of Justice that belongs to you ...simple truths any school child can learn and understand with our special teaching methods and materials.

Our Declaration of Trust

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Original signed Declaration of Trust is filed in the Public Records of Martin County, Florida and is legally binding on all Trustees.

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Declaration of Independence

We consider our nation's Declaration of Independence as the first official statement of American Jurisprudence ... "The Wisdom of Justice".

Our Declaration of Indepence must bind all government action and guide your nation toward a future that is safe and secure for ALL Americans, regardless of race, religion, politics, or bank balance and ability to hire a lawyer.

Nothing should stand between you and your God-given right to know the Rules of Justice and use them to enforce your Rights when they are threatened!

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Justice for You and Your Children!

Promote Public Justice Education

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