American Justice Foundation®

American Justice Foundation® is a non-profit trust providing Justice Education for EVERYONE ... absolutely EVERYONE!
Common Law that protects the Common Man.
Rules that shield the innocent in court.
Knowledge we make easy to learn and use.
Knowledge you and your children have a God-given right to know!

"Tell Everyone to Tell Everyone"

 Our Declaration of Independence says our Rights are not a gift from government but received from our Creator and belong to each of us and to each of us alone!

But rights are denied to those who have no idea what the Rules of Justice are or how to use them, innocent people losing their liberty, their children, their property, and their faith in the Principles of Justice that once united us as a People and a Nation.

In-Justice is America's #1 Problem.

Justice Education is The Cure!

American Justice Foundation® has provided Justice Education for the past 26 years with its associated websites, helping tens of thousands of people to learn the Rules of Justice that make Peace and Prosperity possible.

We are putting Justice Education in your schools, teaching children the Rules you were never taught, Rules you have a God-given Right to know but were denied by those who control your schools !

Knowing the Rules of Justice is your #1 Right and your children's #1 Right!

Help us put put these Rules in Schools!

Tomorrow is too late!

Justice for You and Your Children!

Promote Public Justice Education

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