School Programs

We provide teaching materials for public, private, and home schools.

Law schools spend three years teaching what in reality are simple stories about people in conflict over issues that resulted in court cases going up on appeal. Three years are spent reading old appellate court opinions. They call this "learning law". We call it a waste of time.

We teach you and your children what those simple stories are about and how they change the world you live in by changing common law.

A broken mill-wheel ... Hadley v Baxendale. An angry widow ... Kirksey v Kirksey. An old lady bumped while boarding a train. Palsgraf v Long Island Railroad.

Stories about people who had a grudge to grind, went to court, and changed the law by winning. That's what common law is, and it isn't rocket-science!

We teach Rules of Justice every schoolchild should be taught, simple rules about right-and-wrong, responsibility, consequences, how to know when something is true, and when to ask the right questions.

Legal knowledge you and your children have a right to know!

How to Win in Court

We support Jurisdictionary® and its wonderful online step-by-step legal self-help course that has empowered tens of thousands since 1997 when it first appeared on the internet.

How to Win in Court ... without a lawyer ... simplified step-by-step.

The case-winning Jurisdictionary® course already empowers tens of thousands each year, people just like you, making it easy for average folks to understand and apply the simplified Rules and practical Court Tactics that get Justice by controlling judges!

Visit Jurisdictionary® online at: How to Win in Court

Justice® ... The Magazine

The magazine Justice® is headed for the presses and soon will be on newstands and in waiting rooms of doctors' offices.

The American People want and need a magazine about Justice®, so we secured the federal trademark and the URL

Justice® reports what's really happening behind closed doors in your government, what's really "going on" in Congress and the Courts, what recent court opinions really mean and how those court opinions affect you, your children, and the future of this great land we live in.

Justice® gives you tips and tactics to guide you safely when things turn sour for friends or family.

Justice® explains how you can control your world by controlling courts and the judges your hard-earned tax dollars pay for.

Justice® is entertaining as well as informative.

Justice® makes you a legally-informed citizen, putting a satisfied smile on your face, revealing what Bar lawyers and judges have been hiding from you.

Legal empowerment never before available to the public.

News, views, online tools, teachings, entertainment, court guides, law books, games, and more.

The Justice Channel

Our TV cable channel is dedicated to teach you and yours the rules and legal principles you have a right to know.

Our animators, actors, directors, and producers produce 24-hour programming unlike anything that has ever existed.

  • Programs for small children with cuddly Sesame Street characters teaching the value of keeping promises, taking care not to harm others, and how those two values should guide all our country's laws, protecting us from harm, uniting us as One People.
  • Programs for adults dealing with social as well as legal issues, following recent court decisions, how those decisions impact our lives, and what we can do if we don't like what the courts and legislatures decide is best for us.
  • Dramas and documentaries that illuminate our American Heritage of law and justice, making our treasure clear and unambiguous, truths impervious to political propaganda.
  • Game shows with guest celebrities.
  • Interactive games with viewers participating with smart devices.
  • Entertainment that educates.
  • Education that entertains.

Jurisdictionary® the Board Game

Our board game challenges minds young and old with mock court procedures and clever evidence tactics in an entertaining race to win Final Judgment.

Players draw Evidence and Procedure cards, roll dice to advance from pleadings to appeals, and deal with objections that pop up unexpectedly as each seeks to secure Justice for his team and win the game.

Be a party, a lawyer, a witness, or a judge!

Fun and empowering.

Simple enough for small children.

Challenging enough for every age.

Legal References

  • "Handy Guides" ... Quick references to court rules, objections, and a "helping hand" to jog memories that get lost in the heat of courtroom battles.
  • "Power Books" ... Simplified in-depth texts making it easy to understand what you need to know about law and fundamental American Justice principles.
    • Contract Law
    • Property Law
    • Torts and Personal Injury Law
    • Family Law
    • Wills and Trusts
    • Corporations
    • Partnerships, Proprietorships, and other Organizations
    • Intellectual Property (copyright, trademark, etc.)
    • Evidence
    • Objections
    • Trial and Hearing Procedures
  • "Law Library" ... Online access to legal resources with Boolean search and print functions.

Justice for You and Your Children!

Promote Public Justice Education

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