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American Justice Foundation® is a non-profit trust created to promote the interests of the legal and justice system and preserve God-given rights of the American People through Public Legal Education.

American Justice Foundation® recognizes The Declaration of Independence of our nation states that our "rights" are not granted by our government but are endowed by God and are "unalienable", i.e., they cannot be sold nor taken from from us. However, they can be lost through failure to be vigilantly knowledgeable about our justice system and how it is designed to preserve those rights for the People. At the same time, our rights are secured through the power of our courts only if the system is used with integrity and honor, prudence and understanding of all parties.

To secure a more just society, Public Legal Education is a moral imperative this foundation is working to provide by every means available, including efforts to improve legal education at all levels, from our primary and secondary schools all the way to our law schools where, too often, the fundamental principles of American Justice, The Rule of Law, and the principles and practices of due process are ignored or misunderstood.

The American People are uninformed about how the American Justice system should work and what can be done to make the system work for everyone.

Lack of public legal knowledge fosters discontent and distrust of those in whom the responsibility of securing a just society resides. The consequence is too often citizen apathy or outright anger and open rebellion that can only be corrected by Public Legal Education explaining the beauty and power of the principles of American Justice as it ought to be.

American Justice Foundation® is dedicated to promote public understanding of The Rule of Law and the principles and practices of due process through publication and political influence at all levels.

The Foundation's scope and mission are more precisely defined and limited by our Declaration of Trust filed 21 November 2008 in Official Public Records of Martin County, Florida at Record Book 2361, Page 459.

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